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Built upon the foundation of the teachings and the legacy of Lord Buddha, 'The Promised Land' is an organization deeply rooted in the philosophy of creating spaces that resonate with peace, spirituality, and global unity. Through 'The Promised Land,' we are encouraged to do the work to preserve and enhance the spiritual and historical significance of sacred sites, with a primary focus on the Ramagrama Stupa and the broader Lumbini area in Nepal. Possessing a multifaceted mission, we aim not only to preserve vital historical and archaeological sites but also to bring these treasures to the forefront of global audiences, fostering the promotion of spiritual tourism and the development of Lumbini as a center for Buddhist learning and a hub for research.

In doing so, we are committed to preserving the authenticity, sanctity, and originality of these revered sites. The main aim of the organization is to make these sites accessible to people from all walks of life who seek spiritual understanding in both domestic and international settings. Therefore, The Promised Land has collaborated with the Lumbini Development Trust to ensure that our efforts in conservation, development, and promotion align with the values that this place holds. Our approach to collaboration is harmonious—a blend of respecting ancient traditions while embracing the modern and focusing equally on sustainable practices. Beyond preservation, we are invested in the socio-economic development of the local communities in and around Lumbini, which we have supported through various events and collaborations.


We believe in empowering these communities by providing opportunities for sustainable livelihoods, education, and healthcare, ensuring that the development of Lumbini is inclusive and beneficial to all. At the same time, we are dedicated to promoting this place as a place of peace and understanding. By organizing various activities, cultural performances, youth participation, and spiritual gatherings, and inviting people from the international arena from diverse backgrounds to engage in dialogues, we spread the message of peace and harmony as taught by Buddha.

Lumbini, with its inherent significance, is jewel in itself that 'The Promised Land' effort to polish, ensuring its historical charm, buddha’s teachings and peace remain intact through the generations.

Community Engagement at Ramagram/ Empowering and inclusivity

As part of our commitment to developing Ramagram, we recognise the paramount importance of the connection between the local community and the Ramagram site, which has been overlooked for years now despite a master plan being made. Therefore, understanding the invaluable contributions and participation of the locals is at the forefront of our mission. In line with this, our efforts have been geared towards not only constructing physical structures but also embedding the essence of Ramagram into the daily lives and hearts of the local populace. To this end, we have initiated and continuously supported various activities aimed at engaging the community and enhancing their involvement with the site:

Lightning Ceremony: 

We often look for ways to bring more brightness into our lives, and that's why lighting diyas is so special in our culture and traditions. It's more than just a way to worship--it connects us to our roots. Therfore've held many ceremonies involving the community, especially around the Ramagrama Stupa, to spread knowledge and bring people together. These events not only light up the area but also help everyone understand and appreciate the cultural importance of the Ramagrama Stup and  way to celebrate our heritage and strengthen our community bonds.

Involving youths and children

Recognizing the participation of youths and children as a fundamental right under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, The Promised Land ensures that every program they conduct involves young people and children from the local community. They are encouraged to express themselves, take part, and share their opinions on the site's activities. This approach has already fostered a change in the community's understanding of the cultural significance of the site they live near, as well as their sense of responsibility.

Participation of Buddhist association

 Buddhism encompasses a wide array of branches, each with its unique interpretations and practices. Hence, to grasp the full spectrum of this rich and diverse tradition, we have sought guidance from different associations. As each of these branches exists within its own echo chamber, often leading to a situation where they become somewhat insular. This means that while each tradition offers deep insights and valuable teachings, they can sometimes be isolated from each other, limiting the exchange of ideas and the broader understanding of Buddhism as a whole. By recognising this, we are continuously aiming to bridge these gaps by promoting dialogue and exchange among different groups which has allowed us to appreciate the depth and diversity and presented a more integrated understanding of its teaching and practices. All our activities have been inclusive and comprehensive so that we honour all its branches while promoting unity.

Involving local communities 

The main approach of The Promised Land is rooted in the belief that when local communities thrive, the entire ecosystem benefits. Therefore, we have been incorporating local communities into business activities in Ramagrama whenever there are major events. Our goal is to create a space and build a platform for locals to promote their unique offerings, while fostering an environment where cultural exchange flourishes (given Lumbini's diversity in its ethnic communities), economic opportunities expand, and community ties strengthen. With the previously mentioned goals of The Promised Land to promote the socio-economic status of the people, our primary aim is to help contribute to a sustainable economic model that benefits each and every stakeholder involved in the long run. 

The Promised Land logo is a visual representation inspired by the spiritual elements described in The Sutra Of Casket Seal Dharani From The Secret Whole Bodies’ Relics Of All Buddhas' Hearts. 

At its core is a central stupa, reflecting the sacred structure that holds the only remains of Lord Buddha. Surrounding the stupa is a mandala, intricately woven as a spiritual protective mechanism. The mandala, symbolizing the universe, serves as a powerful shield, embodying the logo's mission—to protect, conserve, and develop the sanctity of the stupa. 


This visual identity encapsulates the profound commitment to preserving the spiritual heritage and significance of The Promised Land.

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