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Illuminate the sacred paths of Lumbini with the Eternal Light of Lumbini. Each digital Diyo represents not just a light but a beacon of hope and renewal at the spiritual heart of Buddhism. By purchasing this product, you contribute directly to the revival of the historic Ramagrama Stupa, ensuring that the teachings of Buddha and the heritage of our promised land endure.


Vision: From anywhere in the world, engage in a spiritual act that transcends physical boundaries. Your Diyo, once lit in the virtual realm of Lumbini, illuminates the path to peace and enlightenment. This act of devotion not only brings inner peace but also strengthens our collective efforts to rejuvenate a landmark steeped in history.


Impact: Become a cornerstone in our ambitious initiative to restore the Ramagrama Stupa. Your investment aids in archaeological preservation, supports the local community, and ensures that this holy site continues to inspire spiritual seekers for generations. As a Diyo certificate holder, you are not just a donor but a pivotal part of a legacy of peace.




  • Spiritual Merit: Each product is a commitment to spiritual growth and global harmony.


  • Exclusive Access: Gain access to special events and detailed updates on how your contributions are making a difference.


  • Personalized Digital Certificate: Receive a digital certificate, personalized with your name, recognizing your contribution to this sacred cause.


Eternal Light of Lumbini - The Diyo

SKU: 1000000
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